Interviewing – Integrity Questions

(Many of these questions are illegal in Texas to be asked in the interview process)

Below are additional questions that can be used during an in-depth integrity interview.
• Tell me every job you have had in the past 10 years, including start and end date, salary, job title when started and ended and supervisor, including names, addresses and phones.
• Are there any falsifications on your application?
• Did you leave any jobs off your application?
• How will your previous employers describe your attendance? Excellent- O.K. – Poor
• How many days have you missed in the last year?
• How many verbal/written reprimands for attendance in the past 2 years?
• How many tardiness’ were recorded in your personnel file in the last year/job? Why?
• How many disciplinary actions in the past 3 years?
• Where have you been suspended? Why?
• Where have you been fired or asked to resign? Why?
• Will any of your previous employers say they let you go or fired you?
• Where will you receive your best evaluation? The worst evaluation?
• Where have you suspected or had knowledge of co-workers or supervisors stealing?
• What have you taken?
• What will he found when your criminal record is checked? (Note: convictions will not necessarily disqualify any applicant employment)
• What does your current DMV (driving record) show in the way of violations?
• Describe your best work related qualities
• What is the worst thing any former employer will say about you?
• Whom do you know at (xxx employer)?
• Last time in possession of illegal drugs?
• What is your current use (last 6 months) controlled substance? … Marijuana? … Cocaine?… Speed? … PCP? … LSD? … Hashish? … Other?
• What is your current use of alcohol?
• Has the use of alcohol ever interfered with your work?
• To what extent do you gamble?
• Has gambling ever been a problem for you?
• Have you ever been the subject of or a witness in any type of investigation at work?


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High-Caliber Administration + Proficient Employees / Candidates + Fun & Engaging Work Culture = Client Partnership & Satisfaction Fun & Engaging Work Culture: Contributes to the community by filling a need for permanent placement and contract staffing, while inspiring enthusiasm in the work place. Client Partnership & Satisfaction: Enriches clients’ profits with strategic partnerships by listening to needs and customizes personnel solutions. High-Caliber Administration: Provides our high-caliber administration with a transparent culture to encourage progression and highest level of ethics through integrity, competence, innovation, and execution. Proficient Employees/Candidates: Connects clients with proficient employees creating a “Win-Win” solution.
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